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September 2lst, 2018

It was a pleasure to work with all of the talented people over at The New Territory Magazine, and it was a privilege to photograph my phenomenal models!


Check out a sneak peak of my photos featured in the magazine!

Recently, I was commissioned by The New Territory Magazine to shoot a photo spread for its upcoming issue. I wanted to give everyone a preview of some of my photos that will be featured in the issue/spread.

March 3lst, 2018

Miguel did a wonderful job modeling for his first photo shoot! He is so funny; at one point during the shoot he said, "I feel like I'm blinking too much." We had a blast doing his shoot at this perfect urban location!
 Check out our favorite shots!

March 13th, 2018

questions for the artist how did you get started with photography? My mother bought me my first camera when I was about ten years old. I took my camera to school and photographed my friends and classmates on the playground. I directed my friends as they posed in funny positions while I played with perspective and composition. A few years later, as I transitioned to digital photography, I began using Adobe Photoshop. I spent countless hours editing photos and becoming familiar with the art of digital photography. At the time, MySpace was the social media craze; so, I shared all of my photography on MySpace. One day, I was contacted by the local concert and event arena in my hometown of Billings, Montana. They loved the photos I posted and offered me a paid job doing photography for all of their concerts and events. I was fifteen years old. The rest is history. what do you love about being a photographer? At a young age, I realized that photography was the one thing that truly lit my soul on fire. After completing an impromptu photo shoot with my friends, I couldn't wait to rush home and look at the images I captured. To this day, the feeling I get when I capture beautiful moments with my camera is unlike any other. I take tremendous pride in my work and my clients know that, when I hand them their images, they are getting a piece of my passion, vision, and soul. what type of shoots are your favorite to do? My first love was concert photography. There is an incomparable energy involved with concert photography. The electrifying energy between the musicians and the audience is a challenge to capture, but when I connect with the musicians on stage and the smiling faces in the crowd, I feel like I am reaching out with my camera and grabbing a piece of that moment to keep forever. what makes your work special? My clients. My clients. My clients. In addition to concert photography, my second love is portrait photography. Portrait photography is one of the most intimate forms of photography. My job, as a portrait photographer, is to capture the essence of my clients; it is my job to accentuate the most beautiful and flattering features of my clients and, sometimes, that means having the privilege of helping my clients discover exactly which parts of themselves those are. To do this, I must make sure that my clients feel safe, comfortable, and confident. Sometimes, I have my clients do breathing and stretching exercises prior to our shoot to loosen up their bodies and help them relax. Other times, I tell jokes and share funny things about myself to disarm my clients and make them laugh. Once I have established trust with my clients, any apprehension subsides, their true essence emerges, and their radiant, authentic selves shine through -- it is at that very moment when the most beautiful images are captured.

March 10th, 2018

melrose ave. Robin did a phenomenal job modeling for her Melrose Ave. Collection photo shoot. She got to choose FIVE of her favorite poses from this gorgeous location. We were so pleased with how this industrial-style background turned out. The pop of brilliant red from the old, broken-down car complemented the rustic wood, metal, and tall grass beautifully. Robin was so fun to work with and, believe it or not, this was her FIRST photo shoot! Wow. Judging by these photos, you would think she was a pro. 

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